Expanding the Museal Experience

On the crossroads of culture and technology, OpenMiracles develops edutainment tech for museums and archaeological   & heritage sites.

Our Mission

Our team comes from a background of new media art and film. 
On the crossroads between tech and culture, we watch the world becomes increasingly virtual.  
The body plays a crucial role in emotional perception. The actual presence of artifacts in a museum adds orientation and context. Together they contribute to a meaningful museal experience. 
We appreciate the great ability of museums to tell compelling stories, and we have made it our mission to provide excellent digital tools that shrink distances and boost engagement.
The visual guide
Archeological and heritage sites get a new outlook, using our visual guide. Contact us to learn more about the process. 
Our answer to Covid-19 aftermath
Museums and heritage sites get to open their doors virtually. Contact us to learn more about 'WONDER' to boost museums' online presence.
Boost museum visits' engagement by adding gamification to the visitors' journey. Contact us to learn more about our tailor-made solutions for online and onsite adventures. 

One last thing...

In the day after, museums can use our products to invite virtual visitors to experience and interact with a virtual tween of the actual museum. 

Our Story

Doflash LTD, our mother company, had excelled in information visualization and immersive digital experience since 2010. Our clients, government bureaus, cultural institutes, e-learning experts, and start-ups benefited from our creative and innovative esprit. Along with our skilled team, we bring you yet another novelty that will enhance your online presence. 

Explain anything with a thorough infographic.


Visualize demos for disruptive technologies.


Benefit from our academical and practical know-how in crafting a leading digital presence that augments the museum's ability to tell their stories online. 



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